Practice Notes

Practice Notes – Children’s Court Criminal Law

Practice Note No.8 Apprehended Domestic and Personal Violence Proceedings in the Children’s Court.
Practice Note  No. 11 Youth Koori Court.

Practice Notes – Local Court Criminal Law

Local Court Practice Note Crim 1 – Case Management of Criminal Proceedings in the Local Court.
Local Court Practice Note Comm 1 – Procedures To Be Adopted For Committal Hearings in the Local Court.

Practice Notes – District Court Criminal Law

Practice Note 1 – Listing Procedures at Courts with Full Time Sittings
Practice Note 2 – Circuit Sittings of the District Court
Practice Note 3 – Provision of Psychiatric Reports to Correctional Facilities
Practice Note 4 – Media Access to Sexual Assault proceedings Heard in Camera
Practice Note 5 – Management of Prescribed Sexual Offence Proceedings.
Practice Note 6 – Sexual Assault Case List
Practice Note 8 – Removal of Judgments from the Internet
Practice Note 9 – Standard case Management Directions
Practice Note 10 – Work Health and Safety Act Prosecutions
Practice Note 11 – Child Sexual Offence Evidence Pilot – Downing Centre
Practice Note 12 – Readiness Hearings
Practice Note 13 – Call Over For Trials in Circuit Sittings.

 Practice Notes – Supreme Court Criminal Law

Supreme Court Practice Note SC CL No. 11 – Bail 
Supreme Court Practice Note SC CL 2 – Criminal Proceedings

 Practice Notes – NSW Court of Criminal Appeal

Practice Note SC No. SC CCA 1 – General (link to Supreme Court site)

Practice Directions – High Court of Australia

Practice Direction No.1 of 2010 – Revocation of Existing Practice Directions
Practice Direction No.2 of 2010 – Use of Initials or Pseudonyms in Applications.
Practice Direction No. 1 of 2013 – Authorities
Practice Direction No.1 of 2015 – Authorities
Practice Direction No.1 of 2016 – Applications for Suppression Order or Non-Publication Order.