Appeals By The Crown

“The Crown Appeals Virus: Prevention and Cure” His Honour Judge Craigie SC – August 2007 (link to PD website).

Appeals to the District Court

Huynh v R [2021] NSWCCA 148 – Mental Health Diversion and Non-Conviction Dismissal in District Court Appeals” Jane Sanders, Arjun Chhabra and Dev Bhutani – July 2021

“Appeals to the District Court: Practical Matters” Craig Smith SC – August 2015

“Appeals from the Children’s Court to the Distrtict Court” Jennifer Wheeler and Craig Smith SC – August 2015

“Appeals to the District Court” Jane Sanders – September 2012

“District Court Appeals” Ken Averre MBE – August 2012

“District Court Appeals From the Children’s Court” His Honour Judge Nicholson SC – September 2011

Appeals to the Supreme Court

“Appeals From the Local Court to the Supreme Court”┬áThe Honourable Justice Natalie ADams – February 2015 (from PD site)

Annexure to Paper above by The Honourable Justice Natalie Adams – February 2015 (From PD site)

Appeals to the NSW Court of Appeal

“Appeals to the Court of Appeal” John Agius SC – September 2011

Appeals to the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal

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